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     As a kid, I knew that spaceships and movie monsters were made by men and women just like me in studios located in Hollywood, California and all over the world. I used to save all of my lawn mowing money and walk to the mall every month to get my copy of Fangoria magazine so I could see how movies were made from the inside out. I have spent my entire life, besides the time spent in military service, devoted to film and theater. Writing scripts, building sets, acting on stage and film, directing, cinematography and photography are all natural elements of my life. I was born to do all of this and much more. I have immersed myself in every kind of job on set and backstage because I wanted to learn what it took to get the project together. With that wealth of knowledge and experience I came to New York City looking to expand that knowledge base and provide a different kind of quality to future clients.

     With the crew that I've gathered together under Lost Road Films wings, I can do anything and everything you need to get your project together. I'm surrounded by amazing talent every day and I want you to benefit from it. Metal sculptors, world class mural and graffiti artists, set carpenters, stage technicians, set electricians, stage and movie lighting pros, cinematographers, videographers... the list is really too. My crew and I have built and installed the Christmas windows at Saks 5th Ave and we've built sets for theaters across NYC. I love doing what I do because its never the same thing twice. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site. I hope to hear from you when you are ready to take your project to the next level.

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